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The Blogger who didn’t

Turns out, when you read, edit and write 40 hours a week for generous compensation….you don’t have much energy left for the free work.

And my TV habits have all but vanished, thanks to Rock Band and lousy scripted shows. Gotta show the love to Ace of Cakes though.


Monday Redux

1-2 in ALL four leagues. *sigh*

Wow there was new TV on! And I watched some of it! I skipped the Emmys because let’s face it, the Emmy voters don’t watch TV. If they did shows like Battlestar Galactica and Friday Night Lights wouldn’t be shut out.

Big Bang Theory– Glad to see my nerds. But danger, danger BBT. Sheldon is great and wonderful, but too much Sheldon will get old fast. I do enjoy Penny and him interacting.

HIMYM– Hi Stella. Welcome back. Please stay.

Heroes– We watched the first hour. Now that I’m officially old, we didn’t make it through hour 2. Which leads me to a rant about extra long premieres. I’m not for them.

Bizarro World

0-4 in fantasy this week. *sigh* It’s gonna be a long season.

Ever since I bought a big tv, I’ve entered a bizarro universe where TLC and ESPN are the most commonly watched channels and I can sit for a couple of hours without control of the Tivo remote. Last night we were actually watching MNF and Project Runway at the same time. Aaaand now I’m kinda hooked on Project Runway. Thanks Yost.

So I’m one OTH rant behind and I haven’t watched this week’s. Is it bad that I laughed when a character was killed of last week? The wheel o’tv cliches is in full bloom this season. So I’m not overly eager to watch 40 minutes of a child actor trying to cry while reading from his cue card. I also don’t miss Prison Break. I’m opting to sookie through to scenes with Dr Sara, but once Heroes starts back, PB won’t be recorded.

Because CHUCK is also almost back and along with BSG, Wonderfalls, Dead like Me, The Office, and fantasy football, I’ve also hooked Yost on Chuck 🙂

SNL recap: Michael Phelps

Let me summarize what was funny: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

Now, let me summarize everything that was not: The rest of the show. Even Weekend Update, usually the highlight for me, was weak. Phelps read straight off the cue card and they recycled a sketch from Peyton Manning’s show. It wasn’t funny the second time. Also still not funny: the fake political comedian Nicholas Feign.

Why was there no Penelope sketch? That would’ve been the better Kristen Wiig use than the creepy kids. I guess they think just changing wigs on a tall, awkward standing athlete would be funny enough.

Monday, Night, and Football

Bad blogger.  If only the world could enjoy the entertainment that my roommates provide….which is why I watch less TV nowadays.

In fact, that 2-hour Prison Break is still sitting on the Tivo. I think I’ve decided to sookie through to find Dr. Sarah and then delete. I don’t miss the show one bit and Mondays are busy nights with Chuck and HIMYM, and Big Bang.

Meanwhile, MNF should be good. I’m interested in how Aaron Rogers does. But of four fantasy teams, my W/Ls are set already. 3 Ws and 1 L. Wouldn’t you know that one Loss is to Scooter.  I hate when I leave more points on my bench, points that would’ve beat Scooter.  Sheesh Jo. Somehow I doubt my one lone receiver playing tonight will put me over the top. But looking around the points from the rest of the league in Week 1…Scooter and I are both in trouble this year…

Dear Office Writers,

I love you.

Office Season 4 DVD extras are hysterical. Angela’s sn is Monkey? Dwight’s is Monkey Trainer? And then this talking head?

Dwight: “My cousin mose had a dog who was his best friend. one day i came home and he was foaming at the mouth. So i shot him dead. Turns out, he had eaten one of Mose’s cream pies. Do I feel bad that I shot him? No. That’s how you deal with a thief.”


Apparently some TV shows start back this week. HA! I’ve been so absorbed in football, fantasy football and Robin Hood on DVD I hadn’t noticed it was September already. Don’t be surprised if my irregular blogging includes mentions of one of my four fantasy teams. *Sigh* I had told myself only 3, but then…well the girls can appreciate this…that ONE guy, the one who will always have a place in your heart, the one whose name is always said with that sigh…yeah got his email today asking me to play in his league. What else was I gonna say?

Since this is technically a TV blog, I guess I’ll only report on my team “Wax Lion Wisdom” (that’s a Wonderfalls reference…go rent the DVDs.) which part of Scooter‘s league. He’s already begun the smack talk which is bold for a man who lived up to the “9th” in his name last year… would be obnoxious for me to use my blog then to bring up the fact that my team last year “Dogtags over Delphi” (BSG reference) took 3rd.

Prison Break and One Tree Hill coming up tonight. Which translates….coming up on TV on the Brain: the weekly OTH rant.