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SNL recap: Michael Phelps

Let me summarize what was funny: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

Now, let me summarize everything that was not: The rest of the show. Even Weekend Update, usually the highlight for me, was weak. Phelps read straight off the cue card and they recycled a sketch from Peyton Manning’s show. It wasn’t funny the second time. Also still not funny: the fake political comedian Nicholas Feign.

Why was there no Penelope sketch? That would’ve been the better Kristen Wiig use than the creepy kids. I guess they think just changing wigs on a tall, awkward standing athlete would be funny enough.


Oh, to book for SNL

Variety says Mr. Olympics himself, Michael Phelps, will host SNL’s opener. While I understand SNL’s strong desire to boost its ratings straight out of the gate, I have serious doubts on the quality of this episode. Traditionally athletes are the least funny of the bunch. The only exception was Peyton Manning. The guy was a riot. I still laugh when I think about the fake ad where he’s yelling at little kids in a pick up game.

Instead, SNL should’ve booked the swimmer to be a not-so-secret surprise guest. Thrown him in one or two sketches and been done. Not hosting. I would like to refer the good people who work for Lorne Michaels to check out my SNL Wishes post from June. TV actors with stage and improv experience are funny.

If he surprises us, I’ll readily admit that I was wrong. But I predict a heavy political show with Phelps reading straight off the cue cards and one hilarious Penelope sketch from Kristen Wiig where she comes in wearing a gold medal bigger than Flavor Flav’s clock.

SNL Wishes

Because what else is there to talk about on a Friday when there’s no TV on and summer series haven’t kicked up yet?

As a daydreaming writer, one show I’d like to work on for…a month… is SNL. Only a month because I’m sure that’s how long it would take to drain me of all my funny. The host can really make or break a skit. I hate those who blatantly read off the cue cards, but music guests who make fun of themselves are bonus points.

Should be a host every year:

  1. Alec Baldwin
  2. Drew Barrymore
  3. Justin Timberlake

These three slay me every time. Maybe because they can act and aren’t afraid to make a fool of themselves. Omeletville makes me laugh til I cry every single time. Then this is my dream list. My gauge for who would make a good host is not by their resume, but who is naturally funny. Those who are spontaneous and creative when not acting, like when they are being interviewed. I know probably half of these people will never get the call since they won’t have major movies opening anytime soon and we know what a cross promotional junkie NBC is.

  1. John Krasinski
  2. Kristen Bell
  3. James McAvoy
  4. Peyton Manning- best sports guest ever.
  5. Kyle Chandler
  6. Zachary Levi
  7. Kristin Chenoweth
  8. Neil Patrick Harris
  9. Beckie Newton & Michael Urie (together)
  10. Edward James Olmos- even though he has a reputation of being very serious, I think that would make him funnier.

Okay who did I miss? I’m just tired of stuffy movie actors who read off the cue cards who know they are going to get shown up by Kristen Wiig anyways.

TV! It’s back!

There’s nothing like coming home after a weekend away, having a million things to do and finding all kinds of goodies on the Tivo.

So random thoughts. SNL– I like the new chick but we still haven’t seen much of her. Does anyone else think Walken has a Bob Newhart like delivery sometimes? And there’s some guy in the audience whose laugh stood out. If I ever got to see SNL live, that’d probably be me in the audience. When is the Floydster going to be back on 30 Rock?

Samantha Who? was on last night. If you haven’t checked it, it’s worth a mini marathon. Christina Applegate is very funny. Plus I get a kick out of Jennifer Esposito and Kiele Sanchez being on the same show again. Ah, here’s to short lived WB series.

Finally, per TVGuideBSG opened to a record 2.1 million viewers. Which is great but heartbreaking considering shows on broadcast networks that got cancelled over more viewers than that. The trade off of cable and a nerd genre I suppose. The Pop Candy podcast has an interview with Katee Sackhoff today.