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Monday, Night, and Football

Bad blogger.  If only the world could enjoy the entertainment that my roommates provide….which is why I watch less TV nowadays.

In fact, that 2-hour Prison Break is still sitting on the Tivo. I think I’ve decided to sookie through to find Dr. Sarah and then delete. I don’t miss the show one bit and Mondays are busy nights with Chuck and HIMYM, and Big Bang.

Meanwhile, MNF should be good. I’m interested in how Aaron Rogers does. But of four fantasy teams, my W/Ls are set already. 3 Ws and 1 L. Wouldn’t you know that one Loss is to Scooter.  I hate when I leave more points on my bench, points that would’ve beat Scooter.  Sheesh Jo. Somehow I doubt my one lone receiver playing tonight will put me over the top. But looking around the points from the rest of the league in Week 1…Scooter and I are both in trouble this year…


Link Round up

Aaaand now the DVD player and the TV aren’t talking. I’ll be glad when my tech support needs are over.

But this gives me a chance to catch up on all the TV news I’ve been missing and other random TV thoughts I meant to blog.

  • I don’t even care if Stella turns out to be the mother or not, I’m just SUPER STOKED she’s going to be on several episodes of HIMYM. E! Source
  • Since we couldn’t get Lauren Graham on the Office Not a Spin Off and she still has that holding deal with NBC, can we get her a round of stunt casting through the NBC shows? Like can you imagine adding her funny to the hysterical cast of Chuck??? LG needs to be BACK on tv in a comedy.
  • WHOA buddy, I just thought I was stoked for Caprica, but the trailer gets me just giddy with geek bumps.
  • I’m not excited about any of the pilots I can read about, with the exception of Caprica. But you wanna send me screeners……my mind could be swayed.

Double Gasp of Monday!

Big Bang, the cat is alive indeed! Now, Big Bang writers, a geekified relationship would be interesting to continue….

How I Met Your Mother, DOUBLE GASP. Curse you Scrubs renewal for stealing what could’ve been a legen-wait for it- dary relationship that will somehow be decimated over the summer for drama and scheduling sake. Ah, Barney loves Robin. So totally predictable. What will be funny is how Barney deals.

One Tree Hill rant. 1) I hate the musical montage. Even more at the beginning. 2) I hate that Jamie was reading off a cue card while trying to sing with Gavin DeGraw. 3) I hate Gavin still feels like he owes these jokers anything. HATE that Lucas is such a woman. He can’t be happy without having the love of his life around him 24/7, oh, and he can’t make up his mind which love that is. And then there’s Dan. Who turned over a leaf and then ate pavement. If I hadn’t already been spoiled it might’ve been shocking. and if I hadn’t already watched Barney get hit by a bus, it would’ve been funny. And can you believe Brooke went all season without any love? That is truly a feat. Bring back that doctor. Finally, Peyton, my dear, eat a sandwich.

Are you my mommy?

The Best Character on TV 2008 is back. Last year’s winner, Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from BSG is not eligible, but go vote! It’s loads of fun. My little heart just skipped a beat when I found Sir Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood! Blast you time delays between US/UK dvd releases!! I need season 2 of Robin Hood!!

I have to confess. Eliot is my least favorite character on Scrubs but I will be crushed if Stella is not the Mother because is there anyone who can light up the screen on HIMYM more than Sarah Chalke? Talk about electricity.

Big Bang was great again, especially when Raj’s medicine started running out. But negative props for a poorly done fake Texan accent courtesy of Sheldon’s sister, Missy. Are there Texans who actually sound like that? Yes. Is that the norm? NO. And even if Sheldon’s family is from deep East Texas, it wouldn’t come out so uneven.

Samantha Who? is a cute show. The crack about the doorman being president was great.

Which leaves One Tree Hill. Where to start? My biggest annoyance….definitely is the fact that Jamie, age 5, is smarter than everyone else. Ruthie? Ruthie? Oy. I hate that. Q has quit the Ravens so many times, he doesn’t deserve to be their water boy. Have some guts Coach Lucas. I’m glad that they are treating Brooke and the baby fairly realistically, though there’s no way she’d take that kid with her to a meeting. And even if she did, the people in the meeting would not have rolled their eyes at her. I’m also over this Dan stalks Nathan, Nathan gets mad and throws things, Dan stalks again mess. But oh the deliciously evil GIANT headstone he propped up next to Keith. The Scott boys are going to blow a gasket when they see that.

But none of this matters because apparently the guy editing promos for that OC in NY show picked up OTH’s work this week because wowza. What a promo. And Squee. I prefer truly Happy Peyton as opposed to faking it Happy Peyton.

Tuesday TV Thoughts

Mostly because I hate leaving old posts up. Blogs are like sports news. It gets stale quickly.

Big Bang was funny, but granted I was on the computer while watching. I know it involved a lot of Sheldon. Don’t get wrong, he’s great, but the Sheldon centric episodes don’t thrill me as much. Meanwhile, did anyone else notice Howard’s Batman belt buckle?? I wonder if he has more superhero buckles.

How I Met Your Mother– I was still on the computer. But I didn’t miss much, except that Lily makes me laugh. I just like it better when all five cast members are equally featured. You know, that is totally what Friends did right. Every week it was about all six of them in some form or fashion. But if Stella comes back, I’ll turn off the computer!

NCIS– Abby out of the lab is an unusual day. There are major NCIS spoilers floating around the internet and they make me anxious.

Beauty & the Geek– I think I’ve found my favorites. Leticia and Matt and Chris. My major problem with this season is the girls. There is very little heart in them. I’m glad most of the fighting will be over now that Randi’s gone. Note to producers: this show should not be the Real World: Geek.

I haven’t watched OTH yet, so maybe I’ll save that rant for tomorrow. This is the post wedding episode, so I’m sure I’ll hate something about it.