Oh, to book for SNL

Variety says Mr. Olympics himself, Michael Phelps, will host SNL’s opener. While I understand SNL’s strong desire to boost its ratings straight out of the gate, I have serious doubts on the quality of this episode. Traditionally athletes are the least funny of the bunch. The only exception was Peyton Manning. The guy was a riot. I still laugh when I think about the fake ad where he’s yelling at little kids in a pick up game.

Instead, SNL should’ve booked the swimmer to be a not-so-secret surprise guest. Thrown him in one or two sketches and been done. Not hosting. I would like to refer the good people who work for Lorne Michaels to check out my SNL Wishes post from June. TV actors with stage and improv experience are funny.

If he surprises us, I’ll readily admit that I was wrong. But I predict a heavy political show with Phelps reading straight off the cue cards and one hilarious Penelope sketch from Kristen Wiig where she comes in wearing a gold medal bigger than Flavor Flav’s clock.


3 responses to “Oh, to book for SNL

  1. If I were Vegas I would set the line at 3 skits for Phelps, one when he plays himself, one where they put him in a dress or outragious costume, and one where he plays someone who discredits Phelps as the greatest athlete ever. If the SNL bookers were smart they would have had a co guest host with Phelps and either Nastia Lukin and or Usaine Bolt.

    And let me be the first to predict a guest appearence from Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

  2. I know right?! Tina is a dead ringer for Palin. I hope they made that phone call right away.

  3. I would be disappointed if that call isn’t made because that is the easiest cold open of the year. Actually I hope they call me because I definately have an idea that I thought was pretty good before it came out Bristol was doing her own Juno impression in Juneau which could make my idea even better.

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