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Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies!

HUZZAH! Bryan Fuller’s on top of it all. (A Wonderfalls crossover is coming on PD). I only skimmed the interview…b/c well..I still haven’t watched this week’s new episode of Pushing Daisies. I know, I know. but honestly between my roommates and Rock Band, I’ve had other things on the brain besides TV.

SNL has seriously been disappointing me. I’m slowly cutting shows off and it’s next on the chopping block.

I have a OTH rant inside but I don’t have the energy. It’s so just terrible I can’t stop watching the train wreck. This week’s had one surprisingly good moment with Deb and the bottle. But then they ruined it by the psycho nanny having to be shot the second time. Seriously? Oy.


A mother of OTH rants

So last night a new season of One Tree Hill debuted. My lovely two roommates and I decided to watch so that we could mock it together. I have to say it is far more enjoyable to bash this show with others of similar TV taste. Because by the end of the night I had the headache to end all and I’m blaming you Mark Schwann.

As a TV resolution, I promised to find ONE nice thing to say about OTH before bashing it. Here is that nice thing: Happy Peyton. But that also brings to the rant.

I could put up a spoiler warning, but if you honestly and deepy care about One Tree Hill enough to not want to be spoiled, you probably won’t enjoy my rant.

Being rant:

  1. OTH’s knock you over the head imagery. The guy at the beginning asking Lucas to choose between three queens? Honestly? Don’t insult your audience. Not to mention telegraph completely that the opening sequence was all in Lucas’s head.
  2. Low to no Haley. WE LIKE HALEY. More Haley.
  3. Jamie’s little jig. If Jamie dancing to himself keeps him from talking a lot on screen, I’m all for it.
  4. Skillz being reduced to an idiot and then hooking up with Grandma Ho.
  5. Anybody else think that Millie’s pregnant in real life? Go back and rewatch her placements, the baggy clothes, the clipboards and purses she’s carrying. Yeah, we know why they are shipping you off to Tulsa with Mouth now.
  6. Speaking of, Mouth’s haircut?! Helllllo Minkus. Instead of aging him up with the rest of the cast, they actually made him look younger and dorkier. Please. Brooke wouldn’t stand for that.
  7. Now, not only is Brooke getting no love, she’s getting the ever loving snot beaten out of her. Not cool. Did we not already go through two psycho storylines in the last two years?
  8. SPEAKING OF, STUPID LUCAS. Do not bring up Peyton’s stalker. EVER. and not in bed. Are you out of your mind?
  9. Which also leads to the COMPLETE Misery rip off in the psycho nanny/evil Dan. First, we should never empathize with Dan. Second, pscyho nanny needed to go because she can’t act.
  10. Happy Peyton had better last. In fact, at one point I threatened aloud that if Peyton and Lucas ended up in a car wreck on their way to happy wedded bliss, I might throw something at my TV.
  11. Meanwhile, if/when they do finally marry off Lucas and Peyton IT NEEDS TO STICK. Realistic, happy and interesting TV couples DO EXIST (See: Monica & Chandler, Coach & Tami Taylor, oh I dunno Nathan & Hayley for crying out loud.) If this whole marrying Lucas thing doesn’t work out the ONLY reason I’d give it a pass is for Jake. Jake’s other show got cancelled, call him up.

Sigh, okay I think that’s it. I do love Victoria. I’d almost like to see her and evil Dan hook up just for spite.


Apparently some TV shows start back this week. HA! I’ve been so absorbed in football, fantasy football and Robin Hood on DVD I hadn’t noticed it was September already. Don’t be surprised if my irregular blogging includes mentions of one of my four fantasy teams. *Sigh* I had told myself only 3, but then…well the girls can appreciate this…that ONE guy, the one who will always have a place in your heart, the one whose name is always said with that sigh…yeah got his email today asking me to play in his league. What else was I gonna say?

Since this is technically a TV blog, I guess I’ll only report on my team “Wax Lion Wisdom” (that’s a Wonderfalls reference…go rent the DVDs.) which part of Scooter‘s league. He’s already begun the smack talk which is bold for a man who lived up to the “9th” in his name last year… would be obnoxious for me to use my blog then to bring up the fact that my team last year “Dogtags over Delphi” (BSG reference) took 3rd.

Prison Break and One Tree Hill coming up tonight. Which translates….coming up on TV on the Brain: the weekly OTH rant.

Double Gasp of Monday!

Big Bang, the cat is alive indeed! Now, Big Bang writers, a geekified relationship would be interesting to continue….

How I Met Your Mother, DOUBLE GASP. Curse you Scrubs renewal for stealing what could’ve been a legen-wait for it- dary relationship that will somehow be decimated over the summer for drama and scheduling sake. Ah, Barney loves Robin. So totally predictable. What will be funny is how Barney deals.

One Tree Hill rant. 1) I hate the musical montage. Even more at the beginning. 2) I hate that Jamie was reading off a cue card while trying to sing with Gavin DeGraw. 3) I hate Gavin still feels like he owes these jokers anything. HATE that Lucas is such a woman. He can’t be happy without having the love of his life around him 24/7, oh, and he can’t make up his mind which love that is. And then there’s Dan. Who turned over a leaf and then ate pavement. If I hadn’t already been spoiled it might’ve been shocking. and if I hadn’t already watched Barney get hit by a bus, it would’ve been funny. And can you believe Brooke went all season without any love? That is truly a feat. Bring back that doctor. Finally, Peyton, my dear, eat a sandwich.

A Big OTH rant aka Tuesday

I could discuss how Beauty and the Geek has been deservedly canceled. I could talk about how much I love How I Met Your Mother despite how stunt casting kinda ruins the episode. Or how hilarious Shelton was in the electronics store. I could even discuss how my heart warms every time I see Chloe and Andrea in the same frame on Samantha Who?. But there were so many problems with my favorite guilty pleasure/whipping boy show, One Tree Hill, this post is dedicated to rant.

Oh where to even start?

1. BPP! Hello random music concert series sponsored by sugary food product. Just like last year. Or the year before. I’m starting to believe the TV Wheel o’Cliche’s has a dart board attachment to figure out which blatant product placements and social causes will be hurled conspicuously all over the screen.

2. JAMIE. Haley shouldn’t have lied. Or done such or poor job of covering her evidence up. But no child should ever get away with scolding their parent, especially at age 5. Your grandfather is a sociopath murderer who lies, manipulates and steals to accomplish whatever sick agenda he has at the moment. That’s why you can’t give him a thank you card, Jamie.

3. Fake baby! Oh wow, the prop dept really dropped the ball. I know the budget on OTH doesn’t cover CG, but a grip couldn’t have stood off camera and wiggled the plastic children’s toy posing as a baby? And since it was clearly that bad, why the need to close up on the doll more than once? Shoot, you could’ve just thrown a package of starbursts next to the kid’s face to distract the audience or something.

4. Lucas Scott, the worst coach ever. Forget that Q should’ve been banned from the gym over a month ago. What coach answers his cell phone during half time to take a personal call? High school half times aren’t even that long. And no self respecting coach would’ve taken a call that he knew would’ve affected his focus. Oh, sure, blah blah that was the point for his psycho freak out. Whatever. I’m over adult Lucas. Kid Lucas was surprisingly more mature.

5. I know I’ve been begging for Skillz to have a woman, but Deb? Oy.

6. Hot Dr. Copeland and no pay off for Brooke? This is the moment OTH chooses not to cash in on a certified plot device?

7. Which leaves us Peyton and Lucas. BOO promo department for your FAKEY mcFake promo last week. You do not promise Peyton/Lucas shippers some hope only to leave it with a drunken ‘I hate you’. Where is Jake? October Road just got cancelled, go get him. Jake makes the Peyton world better. Jake also wakes Lucas up out of his stupid slumber.

Are you my mommy?

The Best Character on TV 2008 is back. Last year’s winner, Kara “Starbuck” Thrace from BSG is not eligible, but go vote! It’s loads of fun. My little heart just skipped a beat when I found Sir Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood! Blast you time delays between US/UK dvd releases!! I need season 2 of Robin Hood!!

I have to confess. Eliot is my least favorite character on Scrubs but I will be crushed if Stella is not the Mother because is there anyone who can light up the screen on HIMYM more than Sarah Chalke? Talk about electricity.

Big Bang was great again, especially when Raj’s medicine started running out. But negative props for a poorly done fake Texan accent courtesy of Sheldon’s sister, Missy. Are there Texans who actually sound like that? Yes. Is that the norm? NO. And even if Sheldon’s family is from deep East Texas, it wouldn’t come out so uneven.

Samantha Who? is a cute show. The crack about the doorman being president was great.

Which leaves One Tree Hill. Where to start? My biggest annoyance….definitely is the fact that Jamie, age 5, is smarter than everyone else. Ruthie? Ruthie? Oy. I hate that. Q has quit the Ravens so many times, he doesn’t deserve to be their water boy. Have some guts Coach Lucas. I’m glad that they are treating Brooke and the baby fairly realistically, though there’s no way she’d take that kid with her to a meeting. And even if she did, the people in the meeting would not have rolled their eyes at her. I’m also over this Dan stalks Nathan, Nathan gets mad and throws things, Dan stalks again mess. But oh the deliciously evil GIANT headstone he propped up next to Keith. The Scott boys are going to blow a gasket when they see that.

But none of this matters because apparently the guy editing promos for that OC in NY show picked up OTH’s work this week because wowza. What a promo. And Squee. I prefer truly Happy Peyton as opposed to faking it Happy Peyton.

A Nice OTH rant

You should probably mark this day down. I’m about to say nice things about One Tree Hill. I finally caught up this weekend on the last two episodes. Well, not all good things. HA.

The positive:

  • less Victoria, more Dan. Let’s keep our evil old school
  • Deb is back. Huzzah! Hide the liquor

The negative:

  • Jamie. I know, I know. I’m supposed to enjoy the cute kid but blah to kid actors.
  • The whole “Brooke wants a baby” storyline…
  • I miss Skillz having a girlfriend

Now, the first episode back from the Surprise! Non wedding, was all artsy like. Cuts between each of the major characters getting advice and responding in similar ways. Hence the title being something about echoes, yadda yadda. The artsy stuff makes me laugh, because um, it’s *One Tree Hill*. This is not ground breaking tv. But props for trying something different. I was about to be mad about Brooke’s final speech changing the mind of the social worker (which would’ve been yet another cliche’) however, I like the compromise. As long as she doesn’t try to keep this kid. The MTV kid is nice to look at so I wouldn’t mind him staying around.

Now for the really funny to me part. Peyton. I’ve admited, though never revealed why, that Peyton is my favorite even though her character has two modes- moody and giddy. I admit her character is weak, but Hilarie Burton is so hyper in person, I just like Peyton. This week, Peyton’s recurring yoda- Max the record store owner- returned to give her a sounding board. There’s always been this weird, underlying hint of chemistry between Peyton and Max, which makes sense because they bond over music and a hard knocked life, but it’s still kinda creepy because he’s easily twelve years older than her. OH and the fact that Max is played by executive producer Mark Schwahn. So Max & Peyton sharing screen time makes me giggle because I wonder if anyone else on that set notices the weird screen chemistry between Peyton and HER BOSS.