Apparently some TV shows start back this week. HA! I’ve been so absorbed in football, fantasy football and Robin Hood on DVD I hadn’t noticed it was September already. Don’t be surprised if my irregular blogging includes mentions of one of my four fantasy teams. *Sigh* I had told myself only 3, but then…well the girls can appreciate this…that ONE guy, the one who will always have a place in your heart, the one whose name is always said with that sigh…yeah got his email today asking me to play in his league. What else was I gonna say?

Since this is technically a TV blog, I guess I’ll only report on my team “Wax Lion Wisdom” (that’s a Wonderfalls reference…go rent the DVDs.) which part of Scooter‘s league. He’s already begun the smack talk which is bold for a man who lived up to the “9th” in his name last year… would be obnoxious for me to use my blog then to bring up the fact that my team last year “Dogtags over Delphi” (BSG reference) took 3rd.

Prison Break and One Tree Hill coming up tonight. Which translates….coming up on TV on the Brain: the weekly OTH rant.


One response to “Football!

  1. Kinda of a weird post, I though during the first paragraph that it would be perfectly OK to mention me inviting me into your league, but then you went ahead and mention me later.

    With that said, I will crush you.

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