Monday, Night, and Football

Bad blogger.  If only the world could enjoy the entertainment that my roommates provide….which is why I watch less TV nowadays.

In fact, that 2-hour Prison Break is still sitting on the Tivo. I think I’ve decided to sookie through to find Dr. Sarah and then delete. I don’t miss the show one bit and Mondays are busy nights with Chuck and HIMYM, and Big Bang.

Meanwhile, MNF should be good. I’m interested in how Aaron Rogers does. But of four fantasy teams, my W/Ls are set already. 3 Ws and 1 L. Wouldn’t you know that one Loss is to Scooter.  I hate when I leave more points on my bench, points that would’ve beat Scooter.  Sheesh Jo. Somehow I doubt my one lone receiver playing tonight will put me over the top. But looking around the points from the rest of the league in Week 1…Scooter and I are both in trouble this year…


One response to “Monday, Night, and Football

  1. Maybe we could enjoy the entertainment that my roommates provide if you set up a webcam.

    And I left plent of points off the bench too. Personally I am not that worried. Hopefully McFadden will be this year’s Peterson,, I should get more out of my TE the rest of the year than -1.5 and once the Browns offence gets some reps together (the big four were all limping this week and haven’t pretice together) I should be fine or at the very least better than last year.

    Now the guy who had Tom Brady, he should be worried.

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