SNL recap: Michael Phelps

Let me summarize what was funny: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin.

Now, let me summarize everything that was not: The rest of the show. Even Weekend Update, usually the highlight for me, was weak. Phelps read straight off the cue card and they recycled a sketch from Peyton Manning’s show. It wasn’t funny the second time. Also still not funny: the fake political comedian Nicholas Feign.

Why was there no Penelope sketch? That would’ve been the better Kristen Wiig use than the creepy kids. I guess they think just changing wigs on a tall, awkward standing athlete would be funny enough.


2 responses to “SNL recap: Michael Phelps

  1. Um, yeah, it was boring.

    Project Runway on the other hand…AWESOME! Hahahaha!

    Can’t wait for the fall shows to start!

  2. Baltimore is eagerly anticipating Phelps’ return home. Two separate events are planned for October 4th. One in his hometown of Towson, MD and then a big celebration, including other MD Olympic athletes, down at Fort McHenry. For details go to

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