About Jo

Contact: tvonthebrain (at) gmail (dot) com. I love screeners 🙂

I love to write and I watch way too much T.V. I love tech, tv and history podcasts. I have more Batman toys than a woman my age should admit to. My day job is technical editing, so you see how writing about TV is far more fun. Now if I could just write for TV…

Celebrities I’ve spoken to: NFL coach Tony Dungy, former President George Herbert Walker Bush, and his hilarious wife Barbara Bush.

Celebrities I’ve seen at short distance: Matt Czuchry, Scott Patterson, Michael DeLuise, Enrique Murciano

Favorite Movies: Mystery Science Theater 3000, Empire Records, and Miss Congeniality

TV Boyfriend(s): Samuel T. Anders (Battlestar Galactica), tied for second: Chuck Bartowski (Chuck) or Bobby Newman (My Boys)

Best TV quote ever: “I’ve always thought of myself as a great philanderer”- Michael Scott (The Office)

Fightin’ Texas Aggie c/o ’05 WHOOP


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