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Thursday Redux

Let’s face it. I won’t blog everyday, despite my best intentions. I’ve become a statistic. I spend the dragging hours at work dreaming about coming home, kicking off my shoes and playing Rock Band. Not watching TV as much. In fact, last night I finally watched the season finale of Burn Notice. Nice shout out to BSG…they called Darla “a machine”. Heee.

I also caught up on Project Runway because let’s face it. Even if you’re like me and could care less about clothing, there is something oddly fascinating about how narassitic those jokers are.

But I wouldn’t have missed The Office for the world. Raise your hand if Jim and Pam make you happy? Yep, that’s everyone. Not to mention, Dwight & Angela cracking me up. Michael’s goatee. Totally called Ryan back as the receptionist. But how much do I love Holly???

On Tino: NCIS, OTH, and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting. Not to mention DVDs that I’ve had for over a week.


Dear Office Writers,

I love you.

Office Season 4 DVD extras are hysterical. Angela’s sn is Monkey? Dwight’s is Monkey Trainer? And then this talking head?

Dwight: “My cousin mose had a dog who was his best friend. one day i came home and he was foaming at the mouth. So i shot him dead. Turns out, he had eaten one of Mose’s cream pies. Do I feel bad that I shot him? No. That’s how you deal with a thief.”

TV on the Brain Awards 08

One reason to have your own blog, besides ranting, is you get to nominate people who don’t care for awards that mean nothing, simply for your own amusement.

So Welcome! To my awards for the TV Season 07-08 as made up and voted on by me.

Most laughs per half hourThe Soup. Bless you, Joel McHale and your cruel but clever sense of humor.

Best Product Placement – 30 Rock! For Tina Fey after discussing a Verizon phone, looked directly into the camera and said “Can we have our money now?”

Most annoying OTH moment – Jamie. Um, all of the times he mugs for the camera. Which is every time.

Best OTH line (yes there was one)– “Can I ask about you and Lucas or is that like saying Voldemort?”

Best Office Spittake- Dwight kills Angela’s cat…and all the inspired dialogue that was associated with this story line

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Office Thursday is back!

It feels like forever ago. But new Office airs tonight. And I can’t wait. Of course for the best Office coverage check out OfficeTally.com or GiveMeMyRemote.com because no one loves The Office more than those two.

Earlier this week, I had a Tivo space dilemma. What to delete in order to make some room. The last things that get deleted on my Tivo are Battlestar Galactica and The Office. So I made the heartbreaking decision to delete pre-strike Office episodes. After all, I’ll just build back up some new ones starting tonight.

But then I started rewatching them and remembered how hilariously awesome this season was before the strike. I had forgotten these treasures:

  • Kevin’s PB&J talking head
  • Jim Halpert signing “John Krasinski” on Meredith’s cast- you know this b/c he dots the i’s.
  • Toby’s outing PB&J out of jealousy
  • Kelly & Darrell- “You need to access your uncrazy side”
  • Dwight & the DEAD CAT!!!
  • And probably in the top 3 of great cold opens: The bouncing screensaver hits the corner exactly.

What greatness did I miss? Oh and I ended up leaving them all on the Tivo.
Some links: USA Today’s article and The Onion’s interview with Krasinski