Dear Office Writers,

I love you.

Office Season 4 DVD extras are hysterical. Angela’s sn is Monkey? Dwight’s is Monkey Trainer? And then this talking head?

Dwight: “My cousin mose had a dog who was his best friend. one day i came home and he was foaming at the mouth. So i shot him dead. Turns out, he had eaten one of Mose’s cream pies. Do I feel bad that I shot him? No. That’s how you deal with a thief.”


DVD Review: Robin Hood Season 2

The second season of the lovely Robin Hood is available in the States and I had my queue just waiting. I was so excited that I postponed my Lost catchup.

The show still has all the great points. Much gets perpetually told to shut up. Little John still talks like Yoda, but let’s be honest- Him, I like. Will’s as cute as ever and they haven’t forgotten the humor.

The title sequence changed and I think they are going for the epiletic look. Don’t blink if you want to see the flashes of various characters with weapons raised. The tone of the show is definitely darker but they manage to pull off a decent intensity. Djaq gets to look like a woman and Allen is well, I don’t want to throw spoilers out there. The thing is I’ve been spoiled on Season 2 and a few pieces Season 3.

The best part about the DVDs are the commentaries. The actors jump in on several including the highly pivotal last two episodes. Then there’s also a bonus disc with some featurettes. I highly recommend Robin Hood to anyone looking for a fun adventure story with a little cheeky humor.

A mother of OTH rants

So last night a new season of One Tree Hill debuted. My lovely two roommates and I decided to watch so that we could mock it together. I have to say it is far more enjoyable to bash this show with others of similar TV taste. Because by the end of the night I had the headache to end all and I’m blaming you Mark Schwann.

As a TV resolution, I promised to find ONE nice thing to say about OTH before bashing it. Here is that nice thing: Happy Peyton. But that also brings to the rant.

I could put up a spoiler warning, but if you honestly and deepy care about One Tree Hill enough to not want to be spoiled, you probably won’t enjoy my rant.

Being rant:

  1. OTH’s knock you over the head imagery. The guy at the beginning asking Lucas to choose between three queens? Honestly? Don’t insult your audience. Not to mention telegraph completely that the opening sequence was all in Lucas’s head.
  2. Low to no Haley. WE LIKE HALEY. More Haley.
  3. Jamie’s little jig. If Jamie dancing to himself keeps him from talking a lot on screen, I’m all for it.
  4. Skillz being reduced to an idiot and then hooking up with Grandma Ho.
  5. Anybody else think that Millie’s pregnant in real life? Go back and rewatch her placements, the baggy clothes, the clipboards and purses she’s carrying. Yeah, we know why they are shipping you off to Tulsa with Mouth now.
  6. Speaking of, Mouth’s haircut?! Helllllo Minkus. Instead of aging him up with the rest of the cast, they actually made him look younger and dorkier. Please. Brooke wouldn’t stand for that.
  7. Now, not only is Brooke getting no love, she’s getting the ever loving snot beaten out of her. Not cool. Did we not already go through two psycho storylines in the last two years?
  8. SPEAKING OF, STUPID LUCAS. Do not bring up Peyton’s stalker. EVER. and not in bed. Are you out of your mind?
  9. Which also leads to the COMPLETE Misery rip off in the psycho nanny/evil Dan. First, we should never empathize with Dan. Second, pscyho nanny needed to go because she can’t act.
  10. Happy Peyton had better last. In fact, at one point I threatened aloud that if Peyton and Lucas ended up in a car wreck on their way to happy wedded bliss, I might throw something at my TV.
  11. Meanwhile, if/when they do finally marry off Lucas and Peyton IT NEEDS TO STICK. Realistic, happy and interesting TV couples DO EXIST (See: Monica & Chandler, Coach & Tami Taylor, oh I dunno Nathan & Hayley for crying out loud.) If this whole marrying Lucas thing doesn’t work out the ONLY reason I’d give it a pass is for Jake. Jake’s other show got cancelled, call him up.

Sigh, okay I think that’s it. I do love Victoria. I’d almost like to see her and evil Dan hook up just for spite.


Apparently some TV shows start back this week. HA! I’ve been so absorbed in football, fantasy football and Robin Hood on DVD I hadn’t noticed it was September already. Don’t be surprised if my irregular blogging includes mentions of one of my four fantasy teams. *Sigh* I had told myself only 3, but then…well the girls can appreciate this…that ONE guy, the one who will always have a place in your heart, the one whose name is always said with that sigh…yeah got his email today asking me to play in his league. What else was I gonna say?

Since this is technically a TV blog, I guess I’ll only report on my team “Wax Lion Wisdom” (that’s a Wonderfalls reference…go rent the DVDs.) which part of Scooter‘s league. He’s already begun the smack talk which is bold for a man who lived up to the “9th” in his name last year… would be obnoxious for me to use my blog then to bring up the fact that my team last year “Dogtags over Delphi” (BSG reference) took 3rd.

Prison Break and One Tree Hill coming up tonight. Which translates….coming up on TV on the Brain: the weekly OTH rant.

Oh, to book for SNL

Variety says Mr. Olympics himself, Michael Phelps, will host SNL’s opener. While I understand SNL’s strong desire to boost its ratings straight out of the gate, I have serious doubts on the quality of this episode. Traditionally athletes are the least funny of the bunch. The only exception was Peyton Manning. The guy was a riot. I still laugh when I think about the fake ad where he’s yelling at little kids in a pick up game.

Instead, SNL should’ve booked the swimmer to be a not-so-secret surprise guest. Thrown him in one or two sketches and been done. Not hosting. I would like to refer the good people who work for Lorne Michaels to check out my SNL Wishes post from June. TV actors with stage and improv experience are funny.

If he surprises us, I’ll readily admit that I was wrong. But I predict a heavy political show with Phelps reading straight off the cue cards and one hilarious Penelope sketch from Kristen Wiig where she comes in wearing a gold medal bigger than Flavor Flav’s clock.

AI Serves Up Shark Jump part deux

Is it possible for a show that I loathe to jump shark again? American Idol was never on my good list. It was a social viewing show only, until Chris Daughtry got knocked off. Then I quit it. That’s when it occurred to me that the show spends more time making fun of bad singers (and worse letting bad singers go too far into the competition).

Simon is the only judge who speaks the truth. Paula could be replaced by a magic eight ball and Randy needs new catchphrases. So why on earth are they adding a fourth judge?

TV Confession

I’m finding myself watching more and more TLC. What Not to Wear, Jon & Kate Plus 8, multiple house flipping shows. I told myself it was for my roommates who get a great thrill out of color schemes, but I wish I could have an afternoon with Stacy and Clinton’s help.