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Wonderfalls/Pushing Daisies!

HUZZAH! Bryan Fuller’s on top of it all. (A Wonderfalls crossover is coming on PD). I only skimmed the interview…b/c well..I still haven’t watched this week’s new episode of Pushing Daisies. I know, I know. but honestly between my roommates and Rock Band, I’ve had other things on the brain besides TV.

SNL has seriously been disappointing me. I’m slowly cutting shows off and it’s next on the chopping block.

I have a OTH rant inside but I don’t have the energy. It’s so just terrible I can’t stop watching the train wreck. This week’s had one surprisingly good moment with Deb and the bottle. But then they ruined it by the psycho nanny having to be shot the second time. Seriously? Oy.



Apparently some TV shows start back this week. HA! I’ve been so absorbed in football, fantasy football and Robin Hood on DVD I hadn’t noticed it was September already. Don’t be surprised if my irregular blogging includes mentions of one of my four fantasy teams. *Sigh* I had told myself only 3, but then…well the girls can appreciate this…that ONE guy, the one who will always have a place in your heart, the one whose name is always said with that sigh…yeah got his email today asking me to play in his league. What else was I gonna say?

Since this is technically a TV blog, I guess I’ll only report on my team “Wax Lion Wisdom” (that’s a Wonderfalls reference…go rent the DVDs.) which part of Scooter‘s league. He’s already begun the smack talk which is bold for a man who lived up to the “9th” in his name last year… would be obnoxious for me to use my blog then to bring up the fact that my team last year “Dogtags over Delphi” (BSG reference) took 3rd.

Prison Break and One Tree Hill coming up tonight. Which translates….coming up on TV on the Brain: the weekly OTH rant.

OOoh Please Pushing Daisies

This, courtesy of is the coolest thing I’ve read on the internet all week.

What are the chances of Jaye Tyler (the character played by Caroline Dhavernas on Wonderfalls) appearing on Pushing Daisies? Less than five percent? — Gregg
Ooo, good question! And one that Bryan Fuller (a creator of both shows, as you know) was more than happy to address: “A lot of stars would have to align, but should those stars shine in our favor there’s a fun Daisies episode to be had with a guest character confessing to a murder because an inanimate object told her to do it.”

Either Jaye’s character, Caroline as someone else or both, please oh please show some Wonderfalls love.  If it was Caroline as Jaye though that would just be win-win-win. As I also think it would be funny if one of the Reapers hung out in the Pie Hole….

Poor Man’s Casting pt 3

I’ll toss up some supreme actresses for this edition of Poor Man’s casting. Unless you are a student of Brilliant but cancelled television or French film, you probably have zero idea who Caroline Dhavernas is. Go to your dvd rental queue now and add Wonderfalls or Breach. Thank me later.

Caroline Dhavernas for Kate Winslet

Emotionally gripping, subtly funny, what accent do you need?

Here we have two immensely talented ladies who can take on any world accent believably. It’s a shame that more roles aren’t written for them. It seems like most actresses roles are either slapstick humor or Oscar- level, damaged drama.

It’s quite possible it’s my mistake as to why Caroline Dhavernas is not on every American casting speed dial. Maybe she’s more selective about her work. If I’m reading between the border lines correctly, she’s a French Canadian superstar. But we’ve stolen plenty of Canadian imports before, what’s one more? I’ll say it right now- Pushing Daisies, PLEASE find a way to guest cast her. Please oh please oh please.

Course Kate Winslet is flawless acting wise. My personal favorite role was in Finding Neverland.

Poor Man pt 1; Poor Man pt 2

Why Wonderfalls?

For Richa, and anyone else who’s wondering:

Why Wonderfalls?

The two main reasons: Writing. Acting.

Here’s something I wrote for a previous post, followed by an addendum.

Who made it: Oh just Bryan Fuller (Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies), Todd Holland (Larry Sanders Show, Malcom in the Middle) and Tim Minear (Angel, Firefly). If you’re like me, probably the only cast member you’d recognize is Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies), but I have more than a few words about this cast. The first two being “brilliant” and “Canadian”. This is a rare show in that the entire cast can act well. Not one stinker. And you know. You’re thinking about some other brilliant shows that had amazing writing and acting but that one stinker character that needed to go on a permanent donut run…I really wish all of these actors found their way back to American TV but it turns out they are all big time Canadian film stars.

This is the show I can’t get out of my head.

What’s it about: Jaye Tyler’s fresh of college with a heart full of apathy and a dead end job. Her life was on a pleasant path to nowhere until inanimate objects in the shape of animals start talking to her. And they won’t stop talking until she does whatever they are demanding. Is it a divine force or just plain craziness? It’s left to your imagination but the show is so rich in humor and drama and a cute boy with puppy dog eyes.

If you’re familiar with Dead Like Me or Pushing Daisies, it’s kinda in between the two as far as style, story telling and character development. Mix George Lass’ apathy and forced actions mixed with the humor and romance of Daisies.

I’ve now watched through the series three times and I want to watch it again. It just keeps getting funnier. The characters are very sharp witted, like our dear Veronica Mars, but there are some fantastic emotional moments too. And even though it’s a bummer it was canceled early, the season wraps up in a nice way.