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Thursday Redux

Let’s face it. I won’t blog everyday, despite my best intentions. I’ve become a statistic. I spend the dragging hours at work dreaming about coming home, kicking off my shoes and playing Rock Band. Not watching TV as much. In fact, last night I finally watched the season finale of Burn Notice. Nice shout out to BSG…they called Darla “a machine”. Heee.

I also caught up on Project Runway because let’s face it. Even if you’re like me and could care less about clothing, there is something oddly fascinating about how narassitic those jokers are.

But I wouldn’t have missed The Office for the world. Raise your hand if Jim and Pam make you happy? Yep, that’s everyone. Not to mention, Dwight & Angela cracking me up. Michael’s goatee. Totally called Ryan back as the receptionist. But how much do I love Holly???

On Tino: NCIS, OTH, and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting. Not to mention DVDs that I’ve had for over a week.


Thursday, the night of Emotion

This is me, in standing ovation to the writing staff of The Office for yet another jaw droppingly awesome season finale. *sigh* So many moments to discuss and be excited about. But I think I’ll wait the appropriate Tino’d time before beginning.

And I won’t lie about the giant crocodile tears rolling down my cheeks as George took Tucker and then told him that it’d all be alright. And more tears as Meredith had a break through in counseling.

I also finally am on the Gio train. He’s still not my favorite, but he’s not acting like a child anymore. Yes, I’m surprised I find him more mature now that he’s breaking into a cabinet for Betty.

Pam is blind

I probably shouldn’t pick Thursday nights to spend away from home planning the second Survivor like competition for my friends. But no matter how late I come home, I will watch The Office. What did we learn this week? Pam is so blind, she can’t see how badly she needs to update her frames. Hey, no worries Pam, we’ve all been there. I love how threatened Ryan is by Jim and oh yeah, I think Pam’s reaction to yet another fake out proves she’s game…when the real thing comes along.

And now a My Boys spoiler that I *have* to post, because it furthers my case to be cast as Bobby’s PJ like girlfriend…But I’ll put a jump in case you don’t want to know.

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Breath a Sigh for Friday

Who knew Amazon did interviews? But they did..with new SNL featured cast member Casey Wilson…formerly known on this blog as “the new chick”.

BSG Tonight! Big things revealed, says the promo? Could it be a Cylon outing? Could it be the Final Cylon? Will Kara finally crack? Will Anders profess his undying love of a Earth girl called Jo? Oh but Ausiello has cool news. Everybody’s favorite number Six is gonna be on Burn Notice! As to my boy Anders, it’s possible his alter ego, Michael Trucco, is also a Cylon.

So The Office is rocking the awkwardly funny scale. I didn’t think Dinner Party can be topped, but last night’s came pretty close. Ryan’s on drugs? Dunder Mifflin really needs some new HR personnel because the only sane manager is apparently David Wallace. Toby?! Oh my goodness, I couldn’t not get over Jim’s stare at Toby’s hand. SO funny. Can’t believe he cleared that fence so fast. Favorite line…Andy: “Who thinks me and Angela are a better couple than Jim and Pam?!” So yes Jim’s a slacker and doesn’t always think things through, but the fact that he’s carrying a ringbox in his pocket says to me that he’s serious when it comes to Pam.

30 Rock was also funny in a weird way. I’m sure the last few minutes was a montage to some famous movie sequence I should’ve seen before. I’ll have to look it up on Wikipedia later I guess. Great to see Dr. Spacemen again, but where is the Floydster?


THE OFFICE? OOOH what a good one. Jaw dropping indeed. People need to watch it. For all it’s jammy goodness. Personally, I don’t think she’s against the idea, I just don’t think she was expecting it. I don’t think Pam is a woman that’s used to being told that she’s loved. Remember her complete shock in Casino Night? Maybe she just needs time to process. Can I tell you how much I love the fact that they both admit they’re slobs? It gives me renewed hope.

30 Rock was pricelessly funny last night. I filled in for a vacationing GMMR, so you can check out the best lines of the show according to me over there.

TONIGHT! Is Battlestar Galactica! 10/9c and my gigglefest of the week known as The Soup.

Friday Dash

Battlestar Galactica TONIGHT!

Was that not the weirdest episode of The Office ever? I have a feeling it’ll be one of those episodes that gets funnier the more you watch it. Very high up on the awkward scale. And Pam is a lot cooler than I am because if my bf had attempted to ditch me in that Den of Neuroticism, I wouldn’t have been as forgiving. Jim and Pam had a lot of great looks into the camera and I couldn’t stop staring at the giant bag Angela was holding.

Saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day last night. It really amazes me that I movie can having such incredible acting and such a boring story at the same time. If Amy Adams doesn’t win some acting awards this year, it’ll be an outrage. So in the last 2-3 years she’s played John Krasinski’s girlfriend, Patrick Dempsey’s princess and the apple of Lee Pace’s eye? Okay so maybe in all my love, I also kinda hate her.

As much as viral marketing is all the rage, this fake NBC page for the KBell movie I won’t end up seeing makes me ache all over again for the missing Veronica Mars: FBI years.

Finally, a word about something special. The TV Guide Talk podcast has come to an end. It will be missed. I was very happy to hear Dan & Angel’s voices again, though when Michael started to reveal the “final four words”, I fully expected to get rickrolled.

Office Thursday is back!

It feels like forever ago. But new Office airs tonight. And I can’t wait. Of course for the best Office coverage check out or because no one loves The Office more than those two.

Earlier this week, I had a Tivo space dilemma. What to delete in order to make some room. The last things that get deleted on my Tivo are Battlestar Galactica and The Office. So I made the heartbreaking decision to delete pre-strike Office episodes. After all, I’ll just build back up some new ones starting tonight.

But then I started rewatching them and remembered how hilariously awesome this season was before the strike. I had forgotten these treasures:

  • Kevin’s PB&J talking head
  • Jim Halpert signing “John Krasinski” on Meredith’s cast- you know this b/c he dots the i’s.
  • Toby’s outing PB&J out of jealousy
  • Kelly & Darrell- “You need to access your uncrazy side”
  • Dwight & the DEAD CAT!!!
  • And probably in the top 3 of great cold opens: The bouncing screensaver hits the corner exactly.

What greatness did I miss? Oh and I ended up leaving them all on the Tivo.
Some links: USA Today’s article and The Onion’s interview with Krasinski