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Thursday Redux

Let’s face it. I won’t blog everyday, despite my best intentions. I’ve become a statistic. I spend the dragging hours at work dreaming about coming home, kicking off my shoes and playing Rock Band. Not watching TV as much. In fact, last night I finally watched the season finale of Burn Notice. Nice shout out to BSG…they called Darla “a machine”. Heee.

I also caught up on Project Runway because let’s face it. Even if you’re like me and could care less about clothing, there is something oddly fascinating about how narassitic those jokers are.

But I wouldn’t have missed The Office for the world. Raise your hand if Jim and Pam make you happy? Yep, that’s everyone. Not to mention, Dwight & Angela cracking me up. Michael’s goatee. Totally called Ryan back as the receptionist. But how much do I love Holly???

On Tino: NCIS, OTH, and I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting. Not to mention DVDs that I’ve had for over a week.


DVD Review: Robin Hood Season 2

The second season of the lovely Robin Hood is available in the States and I had my queue just waiting. I was so excited that I postponed my Lost catchup.

The show still has all the great points. Much gets perpetually told to shut up. Little John still talks like Yoda, but let’s be honest- Him, I like. Will’s as cute as ever and they haven’t forgotten the humor.

The title sequence changed and I think they are going for the epiletic look. Don’t blink if you want to see the flashes of various characters with weapons raised. The tone of the show is definitely darker but they manage to pull off a decent intensity. Djaq gets to look like a woman and Allen is well, I don’t want to throw spoilers out there. The thing is I’ve been spoiled on Season 2 and a few pieces Season 3.

The best part about the DVDs are the commentaries. The actors jump in on several including the highly pivotal last two episodes. Then there’s also a bonus disc with some featurettes. I highly recommend Robin Hood to anyone looking for a fun adventure story with a little cheeky humor.

TV Confession

I’m finding myself watching more and more TLC. What Not to Wear, Jon & Kate Plus 8, multiple house flipping shows. I told myself it was for my roommates who get a great thrill out of color schemes, but I wish I could have an afternoon with Stacy and Clinton’s help.

In Plain Sight

Bad blogger. Watching DVDs, not blogging. Oy.

In Plain Sight had its finale. Naturally as a TV blogger I have thoughts.


  • Who knew the FBI agent is Mary McCormack’s real life bro?
  • I loved her box of letters from the pops. And the huge can of worms that opens.
  • I loved that the Feds tore her house to shreds.
  • LOVED how Ralph dealt with the meth.


  • There are three GREAT characters, a couple of mediocre ones and then several that need to be shipped straight outta Albuquerque.
  • I can’t stand the mom and sister. There is nothing redeemable or likable about them. So self centered and completely unable to accept responsibility for their own actions. On top of that, all they do is drink and cry and they aren’t funny. This adds up to not worth their keep in my book.
  • The Albuquerque PD man. Love Him. Would love to see some chemistry come out of his love-hate relationship with Mary.
  • Marshall. I was on the fence about him for a while, but now his quirky trivia speak is endearing.
  • I’m kinda over Ralph too as cute as he is.

Overall, I’ll be looking for the series to return next summer. It’s still partially background TV for me but most of the summer shows are, including Burn Notice.

Is summer almost over?

I can’t help it. I just don’t care enough about the Olympics. Though summer would entertain me more than winter. I’m sure if there was nothing else to do or watch, I’d find a sport I could keep on in the background. But overall, I figure the same five countries will win a bunch and break some more records. Most sports are just more entertaining live. Football is the only sport I’ll watch on TV with any interest.

I’m mostly on DVDs still. Lost and Justice League got put on hold for…drum roll….Robin Hood season two!!! Finally out in the states. Loving it. I’ve missed Robin’s gang (mmm Will). Little John doesn’t always talk like Yoda this time and Robin’s a little more intense. I kinda hate the new opening sequence. It flashes so fast between graphics, my eyes hurt.

Summer finales!

So Last Comic Standing and My Boys had their finales last night. But because I’m in a loving mood today, I’ll break the post to prevent spoilers.

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August thoughts

Watching more Justice League DVDs has given me a better appreciation for the Green Lantern.

I’m still watching In Plain Sight, but I’m having trouble caring about it. The only characters worth watching are Mary, Marshall, and the cop dude. You know what would be awesome? If her crack head sister had to go into witsec, then Mary would have a great character moment and we could get rid of her boring sister.