DVD Review: Robin Hood Season 2

The second season of the lovely Robin Hood is available in the States and I had my queue just waiting. I was so excited that I postponed my Lost catchup.

The show still has all the great points. Much gets perpetually told to shut up. Little John still talks like Yoda, but let’s be honest- Him, I like. Will’s as cute as ever and they haven’t forgotten the humor.

The title sequence changed and I think they are going for the epiletic look. Don’t blink if you want to see the flashes of various characters with weapons raised. The tone of the show is definitely darker but they manage to pull off a decent intensity. Djaq gets to look like a woman and Allen is well, I don’t want to throw spoilers out there. The thing is I’ve been spoiled on Season 2 and a few pieces Season 3.

The best part about the DVDs are the commentaries. The actors jump in on several including the highly pivotal last two episodes. Then there’s also a bonus disc with some featurettes. I highly recommend Robin Hood to anyone looking for a fun adventure story with a little cheeky humor.


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