Is summer almost over?

I can’t help it. I just don’t care enough about the Olympics. Though summer would entertain me more than winter. I’m sure if there was nothing else to do or watch, I’d find a sport I could keep on in the background. But overall, I figure the same five countries will win a bunch and break some more records. Most sports are just more entertaining live. Football is the only sport I’ll watch on TV with any interest.

I’m mostly on DVDs still. Lost and Justice League got put on hold for…drum roll….Robin Hood season two!!! Finally out in the states. Loving it. I’ve missed Robin’s gang (mmm Will). Little John doesn’t always talk like Yoda this time and Robin’s a little more intense. I kinda hate the new opening sequence. It flashes so fast between graphics, my eyes hurt.


One response to “Is summer almost over?

  1. What, you can’t get excited for badmiton, trampoline and team handball?

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