Summer finales!

So Last Comic Standing and My Boys had their finales last night. But because I’m in a loving mood today, I’ll break the post to prevent spoilers.

While I’m a tad bummed that Jeff didn’t win, I am stoked for Iliza. She cracks me up. I cannot believe the ridiculous Olympic cross promotion NBC made them do. (Though Jeff hilarious pulled his windpants up to his chest, and he’s a tall dude.) I sookied through most of the show because there wasn’t much worth watching. I LOVED that Joel McHale was there, but they totally tamed him down, which stunk.

As for My Boys. Brendan’s no longer sad and sappy, which rocks. I’m glad Stephane and Kenny are back to normal, but oh my word PJ are you out of your mind? Jack is a flake. Drop him like a bad habit. Nice cliffhanger with Bobby. It’ll probably end with no marriage, Jack & PJ not together and awkwardness between PJ and Bobby for a while. I can live with that.  OOOOOOH Yes, this is the plot path because then Bobby can rebound with a PJ carbon copy, i.e., ME. Win, win, win.


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