Jo’s Season Pass

It’s about that time to decide what gets priority status on my Tivo. And this year I have two roommates to consider. Fortunately for us, we have a dual tuner Tivo, we all have TVs in our rooms and high speed internet for streaming viewings.

I’ve been spoiled by this last year with the strike and so much good new material during the summer, keeping up hasn’t been hard. I’m also leaving out new shows and for a few reasons. Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse appeals to me most based on the simple fact that it’s Joss. But as much as I love JJ Abrams’ work, Fringe doesn’t appeal to me. Any other new shows that want consideration (and discussion on this blog) should probably send me a screener. Cutting my TV time down is the goal so I could, you know, read or something. (Times are listed in Central Time because I live in Texas.)

The Returning Favorites

  1. Chuck (Monday, NBC, 7)
  2. The Big Bang Theory (Monday, CBS, 7)
  3. How I Met Your Mother (Monday, CBS, 7:30)
  4. NCIS (Tuesday, CBS, 7)
  5. Pushing Daisies (Wednesday, ABC, 7)
  6. Mythbusters (Wednesday, Discovery, 8 )
  7. Lost (Wednesday, ABC, 9?)
  8. 30 Rock (Thursday, NBC, 7:30)
  9. The Office (Thursday, NBC, 8 )
  10. Grey’s Anatomy (Thursday, ABC, 8 )
  11. Friday Night Lights (Friday, NBC, 8 )
  12. The Soup (Friday, E!, 9?)
  13. The Unit (Sunday, CBS, 9)
  14. Brothers & Sisters (Sunday, ABC, 9)

The Monday at 8 Dilemma:

  1. Heroes (Monday, NBC, 8 )- Roommate’s request, I could easily break away from it. Last year was paced so poorly and the acting’s a little uneven.
  2. One Tree Hill (Monday, CW 8 )- One roommate and I both watch and then discuss why it’s trash. And then we can’t wait for the next one to repeat the process.
  3. Prison Break (Monday, Fox, 8 )- Until last year’s season finale I was ready to jump ship. But with Dr. Sara back I want to keep watching.

Watching Online

Samantha Who? (Monday, ABC, 8:30)


Ugly Betty. I gotta be honest, I’m kinda over it. I think America Ferrara and Vanessa Williams are stellar actors. I love Amanda & Marc’s humor and I live for Judith Light guest appearances. But the show’s plots are predictable and zzzzz, what, huh new boyfriend? again? okay zzzzzzzzzzz. If it gets good again, I might marathon on DVD some day.


3 responses to “Jo’s Season Pass

  1. What?!? Huh! No Ugly Betty. But I LOVE Ugly Betty.

    And Monday night is a dilemma. What are we gonna do? I can always bust out the VCR taping, hahaah!

  2. If you want me to record Ugly Betty for you, I will. I just won’t watch it.

  3. How is the 8:00 hour a dilemma? I haven’t seen a three worse choices of three since Bush vs. Kerry vs. Nader. You should do what most Americans did in 2004 and abstain. Or do what I am going to do at 9:00 (or what you crazy Texans call 8:00) and watch Chuck after watching The Big Bang Theory/How I Met You Mother at 8:00 (7:00 Central).

    Although I have to say I like this whole prime time starting at 7:00 idea. The 7:00 hour is a wasteland of killing time between exercise and TV watching. If I go straight from exercise to TV my day, done with TV at 9:00, my life would be much more productive. I may have to look into this whole Central Time Zone thing.

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