Link Round up

Aaaand now the DVD player and the TV aren’t talking. I’ll be glad when my tech support needs are over.

But this gives me a chance to catch up on all the TV news I’ve been missing and other random TV thoughts I meant to blog.

  • I don’t even care if Stella turns out to be the mother or not, I’m just SUPER STOKED she’s going to be on several episodes of HIMYM. E! Source
  • Since we couldn’t get Lauren Graham on the Office Not a Spin Off and she still has that holding deal with NBC, can we get her a round of stunt casting through the NBC shows? Like can you imagine adding her funny to the hysterical cast of Chuck??? LG needs to be BACK on tv in a comedy.
  • WHOA buddy, I just thought I was stoked for Caprica, but the trailer gets me just giddy with geek bumps.
  • I’m not excited about any of the pilots I can read about, with the exception of Caprica. But you wanna send me screeners……my mind could be swayed.

3 responses to “Link Round up

  1. bLAH, I need to see Season 4 b/f I can even watch the trailer…How sad for me. I miss BSG soooooo bad.

  2. Nah. The Caprica trailer has no bearing on BSG. You can watch one without the other.

  3. DUDE!!!!!! That looks awesome! When does it start?

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