Almost there

The internet works, the Tivo works, the TV is massive…why am I still behind in TV? My cable is on but not plugged in. The jack and the TV are miles away and the roommate’s boyfriend is in charge of all that. I suppose I could fix it myself, but that would eliminate a reason to keep him around. I kid, he’s a good dude.

I did watch last Friday’s Psych. This show is so cute with randomly touching moments like Shawn almost crying in front of his mom. Yet Monk gets all the Emmy nods? Ugh. Speaking of, I didn’t post my OUTRAGE over Friday Night Lights, specifically Coach & Tami Taylor, and Battlestar Galactica for series EMMY SNUBS. Are you kidding me with this Boston Legal garbage? Forget the Emmys. Dear SAG Award voters, aka actors. SHOW THE LOVE for two of best written and acted series on TV and shower them with statues.

On the DVD front, I’m still watching Justice League, though the later seasons (when it’s dubbed JL Unlimited) are a better balance of drama to comedy. I also watched all three hours of the Batman: Gotham Knight extras which are EXCELLENT. There’s a bio on Bob Kane and four bonus epsidoes of the Animated Series. OH and my netflix queue is already waiting…but Robin Hood season 2 FINALLY hits the States in August. Mmmm Jonas Armstrong.


One response to “Almost there

  1. No cable? How sad. You’re doing better than me. I am having to resort to books for the next 3 weeks. And although I enjoy books, it’s really quiet in the apartment w/o even a bed or a couch to sit on. But only 11 days of work!!

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