Still haven’t seen The Dark Knight. I will appropriately apologize to all of the Batman toys in my office.  I also missed In Plain Sight and hopefully my Tivo is still holding Psych from Friday. Moving stinks.

My nephews got to go to Six Flags for the first time this past weekend and were excited by all the costumed characters. (Which is a hysterical contrast to how terrified my nieces were of costumed characters at Disney World.) They know who Batman is, as I have started them out right in life with Batman toys, but my sister had to explain to the boys who Robin was when they met him in the park. After meeting Robin and taking pictures with him in full super hero stance, my oldest nephew, age four, said “Aunt Jo is going to be so happy.”

Yes, yes I am.


One response to “Nope

  1. How do I post a picture on here? I’ve got pictures of Robin and the boys. They went crazy over seeing a REAL superhero!

    Definitely think this is the year for my boys to dress as Batman and Robin for Halloween.

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