My Boy Batman

That’s my attempt at a clever title. I won’t do it again, I promise.

My move and painting and lack of sleep have prevented me from singing more praises of My Boys. I’m still loving it. Last night was particularly hilarious for me over the whole bridal shower. PJ, of course, was not excited about being forced to go to the girls’ party. Evidence #257983 that I am PJ…here is a direct quote from a conversation Wednesday night regarding an upcoming shower. That I’m forced to go to.

My roommate to a third party: “I’ve already got the cake decorations and I’ve thought of a couple of games.”
Me, butting in: “OY! Games? You’re killing me.”
Roommate: “This isn’t a normal shower since there are no presents so we have to fill the time somehow.”
Me: “So let it be over quicker! If the games involve toilet paper, I’m outta there.”

Meanwhile, has anyone else noticed that Andy’s work wife is named Jo?! Coincidence?! Yes, because I’m not that cool. hahah but that line from a couple of weeks ago, “Jo’s a woman?!” cracked me up.

Um LOVING Bobby’s hot older brother. But here is where fiction and reality take far different paths. PJ has more guys walk up and kiss her than is possible. A true tomboy…that’d happen maybe once. In a lifetime.

As I sit in my new office and adore my Batman toy collection, I have to confess that I’m not seeing the movie this weekend. *sniff* Because we’re moving. But Monday! is our planned day. So I’ll probably go on a media blackout til then.


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