A month or so ago, frequent TV on the Brain commenter Yost, called me at work. She happened to have the day off and was in my apartment when the UPS guy knocked. She told me I had received a box addressed to me and this blog. I said something like, “Cool! Another screener!” and she said…Uh no, it’s heavier than that. So I told her to open it. “It’s a box of Mountain Dew,” she said.

Blarg was my first thought. Sad that my first cool freebie and unfortunate for them, I don’t dig the original Mountain Dew. I was content to give my cans away, until Scooter told me that these were different. Apparently Mountain Dew is holding a Dewmocracy on three new flavors. So I tried them all.

Revolution was my least favorite, though it did grow on me. It would be sufficient if there were no other options, but I probably wouldn’t buy it.

Voltage tastes pretty similar to Revolution as both have some kinda raspberry flavor, but I think the extra citrus is why I liked it better.

But my vote will go towards Supernova. It’s basically strawberry soda with a kick of caffeine. That, my friend, is a pleasant combination. I would buy Supernova from time to time. But nothing will replace my number one life line, Dr Pepper.

Voting ends July 31st.


3 responses to “Dewmocracy

  1. Thank you for your support, I just wanted to let you know, that I support you too.

  2. HEHE! I am a frequent blogger. I’m back at work 😦

  3. You corperate shill.

    On a side note, why didn’t one of the flavors comment on the 9th Green. Color me jelous.

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