I’m tired of painting

So I love that the Office cast did the Feud. I love that they played for a Scranton charity and how every single one of them decided to be funny as they came up to the mike. But it makes me wonder a few things. Can you take yourself seriously and be an American Gladiator? I’d also like to point out there are FIVE Mythbusters…..Can you imagine Jamie playing the Feud? But I’m tired of all the suggestive questions. It’s old.

That’s all I have. My brain is on limited processes due to excess fumes.

3 responses to “I’m tired of painting

  1. I am sorry you’re having to paint w/o me there. If it makes you feel better they painted the apartment next to me and the fumes were so overwhelming all last night I could hardly sleep and I had an awful headache all night. It really wasn’t cool.

  2. Well we didn’t paint last night, but they are still painting outside my office door.

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