Sophomore Slump Predictions

I still haven’t watched hardly any TV this week. When I do get free moments, I turn on the Justice League DVDs.

It’s been so long since there were shows, I have a hard time remembering the newcomers from last fall. Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Big Bang Theory, Private Practice…I’m sure I missed something. The second year can kill even the best of series, so here’s how I think these season twos will shape up.

Pushing Daisies– This show has such brilliant people behind it, it’s more likely to get killed by the network before the quality of writing and acting actually suffer. I think this year it will finally find a stride. Oh how I’ve missed Ned, Chuck, Olive, and Jim Dale’s voice.

Chuck– This was the one show I really truly missed from the strike break. Hopefully Chuck will get some more attention and I’d love to see a guest appearance by Christopher Gorham as Jake. Heee

Big Bang– This is my toss up. Big Bang steadily improved all year, but the Sheldon centric episodes weren’t as funny to me. Yes, he is the funniest, but not when it’s just his neurotic talking for 22 minutes. I’m sure many people think Penny, Leonard and Schrodinger’s cat were a shark jump moment, but I think the dynamic between Penny and Sheldon is so rich, that they could actually keep them together for a while and it be funny.

Private Practice– Oy, I love Addison. and LOVED her return to Seattle Grace. So much so, part of me hopes this spin off codes out. I still haven’t decided if the show will return to Tivo status or not, but I’m interested to see if it’ll get better or lamer.


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