I love the FEUD!

Dear NBC,

Can we have Celebrity Family Feud every summer??? Please! I love me some Feud. Meanwhile, I wish Al didn’t sound like he was rushing, but I’m ready for some more. Granted, most of my Feud love stems from the fact that I want to play Family Feud. I know exactly which family members and what order. It’d be me, my oldest sister, her husband, my middle sister and my dad. Because you need player number five to bat cleanup and my dad is shockingly good at picking out missing answers.

Does this go against my usual reality fast? Eh, it’s a game show right? Meanwhile, I tried watching some of Wipeout only because facebook told me a college friend was going to be ON the show. She wasn’t. I’m disappointed. And Ninja Warrior is so much better. I don’t get G4, so why not reair it on network tv?


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