A Lousy Excuse

Okay I haven’t blogged. Take your pick of the following reasons: 1) I’ve been using all of my free energy to build big games for a Survivor competition this weekend that I’m hosting for 30 of my friends; 2) It’s summer and there’s nothing on TV; 3) I’m still learning the Bill Haverchuck dance because I got and accepted the official job offer.

All are true, but I did watch a few things. In Plain Sight has gotten better. I don’t enjoy the moments with Mary’s drunken mom and sister, but Mary herself is the reason to watch. Marshall has very funny lines but he’s still a one dimensional character.

While watching Justice League season one on DVD, I realized that while I consider myself a Batman connoisseur, I know relatively little about Superman. Why does he wear a mask underwater or while in space? I thought he didn’t need to breathe.

I half want to watch Wipeout and I survived a Japanese Gameshow or whatever garbage ABC is recycling. But I have a feeling that it would just invoke a rant from me because I am a fan of the real stuff..you know MXC and Ninja Warrior. It’s just not as amusing to watch out of shape, fame hungry Americans get pummeled. There’s no sport in that. Tonight is the debut of Celebrity Family Feud and yes I’ll watch. I just love the Feud.


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