Movie Review: Get Smart

This summer has a surprising number of good movies so far. And look- none are sequels….hmmm. But all will probably end up with lesser quality part twos soon. I digress.

We saw Get Smart. I know I’ve seen the old show but I don’t remember much about it. So I can’t speak to how the movie gives homage to the show. The truth is, if they had cast anyone else as Maxwell Smart, it wouldn’t have been half as funny. But Steve Carell is hysterical. Alan Arkin had some great moments and Masi Oka was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to laugh that much, but I thought it was very funny. A good balance between deadpan delivery, slapstick ridiculousness and trouble with spy gadgets. The movie takes pot shots at a variety of easy targets like movies stars and our current Commander-in-Chief.

So they’ll probably try to make a sequel but unless they can resign Carell and Hathaway, and the script is penned by Mel Brooks himself, I really hope they don’t.


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