More My Boys!

I was all prepared to discuss how In Plain Sight is getting over the pilot jitters. I find her reactions to be true to life and the scenarios play out realistically. Until I got to the train scene. Eh, that’s alright. It’s summer and the show is funny.

There are few things I love more than forcing the boyfriend of one of my best friends, aka my personal Stephanie, to watch My Boys. She described it to him as “The show about Jo.” He laughed many times, mostly at Jim Gaffigan, proving that this show is for everyone. To quote my personal Stephanie, “Wow, she even sits like you.” Bust. I hadn’t noticed that. Oh and then it was pointed out that PJ leans on the table at fancy restaurants as I do. As in, not the lady like way to sit at a table. I won’t get into our argument over what PJ was wearing.

The My Boys dvds have some good extras but no commentaries. Fortunately for all there are NEW episodes on tonight!


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