Poor Man’s Casting pt 4

In part four, I pull from my favorite tv show (Battlestar Galactica) and my favorite movie series (Bourne). A quick glimpse at IMDb proves both men have extensive work, but we could all use a little more Apollo stateside.

Jamie Bamber for Matt Damon

Jamie Bamber and Matt Damon

the reluctant action hero slash family man with gorgeous arms

Not being in the UK, it’s hard gauge the popularly of successful British actors, but Jamie Bamber’s American accent is flawless and BSG is quickly coming to an end, so let’s give the man a reason to keep his LA home. Damon is about as A list as you can get and even has a sense of humor about himself. Be assured, I would *never* cut Matt Damon on time.


One response to “Poor Man’s Casting pt 4

  1. And Jamie has nice teeth….can’t go wrong there 😉

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