Weekend Watching

I spent the weekend in a My Boys marathon and I came to two conclusions. First, the show is even funnier than I remember with tons of throw away one liners. Second, my TBS channel must come in fuzzy because the picture quality is way better than I recognize. I read somewhere on the innertubes some one razzing on the show saying that a girl like PJ would never fully fit in with the guys. BOGUS. I’ve done it. I do it regularly. The harder part for me to accept is that a girl like PJ, hot or not, would find so many gorgeous suitors while also being one of the boys.

Also, Battlestar Galactica had another cliffhanger for the record books. I do recall at one point jumping nearly out of my chair to get closer to my TV. Course, part of that has to do with the fact that my TV is literally smaller than my current computer monitor, but I got up to see the graphics!! There is one shot in particular of the fleet nearing that I would love to have as a wallpaper. My recap of the episode should be up on GMMR later today, so check it out. Maybe GMMR will let me recap Caprica too. Maybe Sci Fi will send me a Caprica screener? Please?


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