Poor Man’s Casting pt 3

I’ll toss up some supreme actresses for this edition of Poor Man’s casting. Unless you are a student of Brilliant but cancelled television or French film, you probably have zero idea who Caroline Dhavernas is. Go to your dvd rental queue now and add Wonderfalls or Breach. Thank me later.

Caroline Dhavernas for Kate Winslet

Emotionally gripping, subtly funny, what accent do you need?

Here we have two immensely talented ladies who can take on any world accent believably. It’s a shame that more roles aren’t written for them. It seems like most actresses roles are either slapstick humor or Oscar- level, damaged drama.

It’s quite possible it’s my mistake as to why Caroline Dhavernas is not on every American casting speed dial. Maybe she’s more selective about her work. If I’m reading between the border lines correctly, she’s a French Canadian superstar. But we’ve stolen plenty of Canadian imports before, what’s one more? I’ll say it right now- Pushing Daisies, PLEASE find a way to guest cast her. Please oh please oh please.

Course Kate Winslet is flawless acting wise. My personal favorite role was in Finding Neverland.

Poor Man pt 1; Poor Man pt 2


One response to “Poor Man’s Casting pt 3

  1. You’re right Wonderfalls is GREAT!

    I will have to add Breach to my que.

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