I like cartoons

I should be working on a top secret work thing. So I blog. But I didn’t blog earlier today, also due to this work thing. Thus I came home from my day job, needing to work on my next job but my brain was dead. So I watched a little Justice League Unlimited. Here’s what I have learned:

  1. I love cartoons.
  2. The Flash and the Question crack me up. “A ha! Just as I suspected. Thirty-two flavors.”
  3. I want to write a live action network series about the day life of Bruce Wayne. How ’bout it, Rob Thomas?
  4. I may rock commas, but I stink at hyphens.
  5. I want Jane Espenson to write more episodes of The Batman.
  6. You cannot edit and watch JLU at the same time. :/

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