Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda

So I had my doubts on another Dreamworks movie.* I’m not a big fan of Nemo or Cars. But you try watching Cars for two days straight over a Thanksgiving weekend and see how much you like it. But then I saw that E!’s D10 and EW both gave the Panda good reviews, so I gave in to go see it.


I laughed heartily. And sometimes when I am distracted by the actor behind the animation it lessens the joke, but they animated the Panda’s face to match Jack Black and well, it’s a good result. Unfortunately for all the rest of you, you don’t get the regular privilege of watching movies with the Yost…but that’s always bonus laughter. And Yost, it’s SKADOOSH. Not Kadoosh. And no, you can’t use that in scrabulous.

*My bad for mixing up the companies. Those computer generated dealios are all the same to me. Shrek was good, but the sequels….not so much. I still, however, don’t recommend watching Cars for two days straight.

3 responses to “Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda

  1. Nemo and Cars are Pixar/Disney movies. Dreamworks did Shrek.

  2. HAHA! I’m glad my laughter is a bonus!!

    Kadoosh…Skadoosh….what’s the difference?

    I’ll work on that 😉

  3. still gotta see Kung Fu Panda… Jack Black is classic for sure; he’ll be forever famous for his work in School of Rock

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