Random thoughts

The one where Jo’s stream of consciousness…

  • Office reruns are the greatest. Thanks TBS.
  • There’s a Firefly marathon on Sci Fi on Friday. I was sure to Tivo “The Message” and “Jaynetown”, two of my favorites. Jaynestown because of the song and The Message because it has my all time favorite Walsh line: [directed at Simon] “Oh my! It’s grotesque! And there’s something in a jar”
  • I got some soda (pop for Scooter) in the mail addressed to my blog. 1) Free stuff? Um, AWESOME 2) Uh, I’m not a fan of this particular brand. So I won’t name it for now. But should I try these new flavors, I will post something nice and be guilty of BPP!
  • Since it’s taking me three weeks to finish the third Indiana Jones movie, it’s probably a sign I won’t see the new one in the theater. Or ever.
  • I need a widget counting down until The Dark Knight comes out. If I was html savvy enough to wield a widet.

  • Did anyone else in Business school use the word “widget” as their recurring example? I still would buy a shirt if it said “Wehner High Widgets” for that very reason.
  • Speaking of college related attire, I am now in that awkward age range where recent high school grads working at the grocery store try to chit chat with me about my major, prompting awkward questions about what class year I am was. Then it’s fun to count how many seconds for them to do the mental math and figure out how old I actually am. How is this TV related? I could totally play a high schooler on TV.
  • I’m tired of R-rated movies. I don’t see them but I’m specifically tired of seeing rocking awesome action trailers starting James McAvoy and a great action actress whose name is internet pabulum* and knowing I’ll never see it because then comes the letter R.
  • If you believe everything on facebook, there are no photos of me either not wearing a hat or with my mouth wide open in mock smile.
  • The voice behind Elmo will be unveiled on Friday’s Oprah. I can’t express how excited I am about that. If only they would bring Cookie Monster, Oscar, the Count and Grover too.
  • I finally got around to watching In Plain Sight. The pilot is guilty of many TV sins, including the entire how to write a cop show playbook, characters who don’t listen to each other speak aka repeating words and phrases which is how no one talks, a dash of BPP, and bland character archetypes. And yet, I’m willing to give it exactly two more episodes despite the poor writing based on the performance of the lead chick. She totally sold it.

*fancy word used with my hat off to Elisabeth.


2 responses to “Random thoughts

  1. I wish for once in my life I was mistaken as a high schooler, even in H.S. I was old…tis so sad.

    I’m finding a pic of you on facebook without a hat and mock smile….I shall accomplish my goal.

  2. Jo, you can get a customizable countdown timer for your web site here:



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