Poor Man’s Casting pt 2

In my second part of Poor Man’s casting, two more Hollywood dreams. It bears repeating, this is not to say we should replace one actor for the other or that one is “the next” ______. I’m just saying if casting directors need a more affordable solution to fill a cast, they should look into these actors before their careers launch into the atmos.

Jason Dorhing for Christian BaleJason Dohring and Christian Bale

intense actors, great playing the cool but dark rich kids, and likable in every role

I have so much loyalty and devotion to both actors. Jason Dohring, as the tortured soul of Logan Echolls in Veronica Mars, wins and breaks every womans’ heart. I caught one episode of the newly cancelled Moonlight, but I’m sure he was a scene stealer there too.

Course Christian Bale gets my immediate attention before you can finish saying “Batman“. Hopefully when my Joker nightmares start, Christian Bale will also appear to save me.

5 responses to “Poor Man’s Casting pt 2

  1. I know I might be ostracized for this, but Jason is way hotter than Christian. I’m just saying.

  2. I love them both, but I see them this way:

    Christian Bale > Bruce Wayne
    Logan Echolls > Jason Dohring

    Christian Bale > EVERYONE.

  3. You’re right. Jason D was definitely the scene stealer on Moonlight.

  4. Yeah, Jason is way hotter.

  5. oh yeah ! I can totally see similarities between JD and Christian Bale, the same intense stare..

    But for now CB is a A-list movie star whereas JD is a tv actor, but fingers crossed JD maybe will be follow the same carreer !! I hope for him, it’s possible see Ryan Rosling. Very very good caracter actors !

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