TV on the Brain Awards 08

One reason to have your own blog, besides ranting, is you get to nominate people who don’t care for awards that mean nothing, simply for your own amusement.

So Welcome! To my awards for the TV Season 07-08 as made up and voted on by me.

Most laughs per half hourThe Soup. Bless you, Joel McHale and your cruel but clever sense of humor.

Best Product Placement – 30 Rock! For Tina Fey after discussing a Verizon phone, looked directly into the camera and said “Can we have our money now?”

Most annoying OTH moment – Jamie. Um, all of the times he mugs for the camera. Which is every time.

Best OTH line (yes there was one)– “Can I ask about you and Lucas or is that like saying Voldemort?”

Best Office Spittake- Dwight kills Angela’s cat…and all the inspired dialogue that was associated with this story line

Angela: Hey.
Dwight: Hey monkey.
Angela: Any problems?
Dwight: Well you left the TV on, and your cat is dead.
Angela: What!?
Dwight: Sparkles, the white one, is dead.
Angela: Sprinkles.
Dwight: That was the sick one, right?
Angela: Uh-huh. But I thought she had more time.
Dwight: No.
Angela: Did she look… When you saw her how was she looking?
Dwight: Really dead. Like a… just a dead cat.
Angela: [sobbing]
Dwight: So… Hey come on, don’t be sad, just… OK… just. She’s in a better place.
Angela: Alright.
Dwight: Actually the place that she’s in is the freezer, because of the odor.
Angela: [still sobbing]

Brought Jo to Tears – George O’Malley to Tucker, “It’ll be okay. Uncle George says it’ll be okay”, Grey’s Anatomy

Shocking Season FinaleMichael Ausiello leaves TV Guide!!

Jawdropping Moment- Tory airlocks Cally!, Battlestar Galactica.

Romantic Moment – Pam’s look seconds after the documentary crew busts them on their lie, The Office.

Best Musical Moment– Andy sings Take a Chance to Angela, The Office

Writing Award – The WGA, for the hilarious youtube fodder during the strike months

Acting Award – The cast of Grey’s Anatomy really pulled out all the stops in the post strike season.

Deserves an Emmy comedy: 30 Rock

Deserves an Emmy drama: Battlestar Galactica

Deserves an Emmy actor: Eddie James Olmos, Admiral William Adama, Battlestar Galactica

Deserves an Emmy actress: Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights), but I’ll also give huge props to Chandra Wilson (Grey’s Anatomy) and America Ferrara (Ugly Betty).

Now, feel free to add ridiculous categories to my list or things I missed out on. Maybe next year this post won’t be so haphazard. I *might* even let other people vote, but don’t get to excited now.


2 responses to “TV on the Brain Awards 08

  1. Let other people vote? Isn’t the point of having a blog to tell everyone else how to think?

    As for a ridiculous category to add: Best Strike Beard (Conan O’Brien)

  2. Oh! Second Best Strike Beard and Conan as winner! Good one, Scooter.

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