Playing in the other room

Just a reminder- Battlestar Galactica is back tonight!!! after a week off. and a wicked sweet cliffhanger with Roslin, Baltar and the Hybrid going for a little joy ride. The show has been so intensely awesome this year, I’m going to hate waiting til 09 for the rest…

Speaking of waiting, last summer I had promised a friend that if she started BSG, I would start Lost. In fact, I’ve put up this pact to several people and all have failed me. I have avoided lost since I saw the FIRST advertisement for it. Because it was airing on Wednesday night (I am never home on a Wednesday), before I had Tivo and it looked crazy awesome. My life and VHS tapes were pretty full that year, so I abstained. The next year I didn’t have cable or the ABC channel. Then it started getting all this hype and most shows don’t deserve that kinda respect. I have seen one episode plus a few pieces and I am confident that it is high quality.

But now I’ve come to an impasse. This summer I am leaving my fortress of solitude and moving back in with my favorite former roomie Yost and another dear friend- both of whom watch Lost. And I am the one with the Tivo…and the Tivo comes with the caveat that my decor conscious roomies will let me keep what they think is an ugly but is actually my awesome recliner. All that to say, my hand is finally forced to catch up with Lost because I will have to start Tivoing it for others.

Last night, I saw pieces of the finale while working in another room…and I heard Alias esqe music. So now I am finally excited to start this series.

But I will get Yost hooked on Battlestar Galactica because that is what good roommates do.


8 responses to “Playing in the other room

  1. All I can say is……It’s about time!!!!!! I’ve had no one to discuss Lost with and it’s been driving me crazy. GMMR hasn’t been consistent enough about reviewing it either so I need someone out there to share thoughts with.

  2. And, for the record, it’s better than Alias. Hopefully it will keep it’s momentum and not lose focus.

  3. Wow, LT- but Alias was your fave! hahah, so when I buy some BSG DVDs are you gonna watch those?

  4. You won’t regret it because you’ll be able to watch them all together and not have to weather these long dry spells. Hope you enjoy it. I got my husband to start after season 2 finale to watch all the back episodes so we’ve watched together since season 3. It’s fun to have some else to watch with because it helps to keep track of all the characters. You won’t regret it! I liked Alias too and this is way better!

  5. Let me be the voic of reason and say it is not worth it to start watching Lost as it is the most frustration show ever in the history of the world. At the very least wait until the show is over to see what the consencious on if it was a satisfing ending and choose to watch it at that point.

  6. Yes, I’ll commit to watching BSG only if you buy them and I can borrow them!

  7. Wow! How did I miss this post? Maybe b/c I’ve literally been living with you the last month and not been wasting time at work, haha!

    I am so EXCITED you’re watching LOST. The best part is that you can watch them all real fast with little suspense!

    And yeah, I’m hooked on BSG. Dude this show rules! Netflix can’t keep up with my demand 😦

    We’ll replace your “chair” with the chaisse lounge and then no problems!

  8. hhahaah! “impasse”

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