It’s this or books

So I’ll clarify. When I say I don’t watch reality tv, I mean, I don’t get excited or Tivo or discuss reality tv. That’s not the same as flipping channels and landing on Little People, Big World or Deadliest Catch. I will use the lean summer months to check out some Last Comic Standing, but now I’m sure my channel flipping will stop on Jon & Kate plus 8 as I am completely fascinated by this family’s dynamic.

I do know this. I’m about to break up with E! if the awful promos for more trash celeb reality shows don’t stop….what will soon to be known as the people’s exhibit A in The State of California vs (fill in celebrity mom).


2 responses to “It’s this or books

  1. I’m glad you’re going to watch Last Comic Standing. Angela and Oscar are going to be judging on tonight’s episode. Another show I like that we’ve been watching is the Alaskan Experience on the Discovery channel. Very humorous to watch even though it’s really not meant to be funny.

  2. You know what would be really funny? Watching you and Yost watch Deadliest Catch together? Because watching with just one of you is humorous enough…

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