Sir Guy takes it all

Sir Guy of GisborneSir Guy, leather pants and all, won the Best TV Character of 2008. Here’s an interview with him about it. No spoilers for Robin Hood, but double good news for me. First, there’s a THIRD! season of Robin Hood about to be filmed (C’mon UK send us your DVDs in better turn over time and we’ll let you keep Madonna….Okay, yes that’s not really a fair trade for you….) Also I did not know that Richard Armitage is also a regular on MI-5!! I’m definitely behind in my MI-5 watching, so there’s my motivation to bump it up the Netflix queue.

I’ve got to get BBC America. Oy.


2 responses to “Sir Guy takes it all

  1. Richard Armitage is to be a new regular in MI-5 but he is only just filming it. It will be Series 7 for us in the UK and we expect it to be shown round about Sept/Oct. No idea yet when we expect the third series of Robin Hood as they started filming quite late this year. Rumours are around that it may even be as late as Spring 2009.

  2. Sweet, thanks for that update. Course, I think I’m on season 3 or 4 of MI-5, so I have some catching up to do.

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