Poor Man’s Casting pt 1

So if I couldn’t be a writer or a producer, I’d totally be a casting director. In fact, I gotta give props up to Allison Jones. Because every time I think to myself, “Wow this show has an amazing cast,” her name pops up in the credits. So for filler posts, I’m starting my own personal series where I’ll pick out overlooked TV actors who if picked up now could be a good cinema value. As in cheaper to hire than their counterpart.

Now I’m picking these not solely on looks but actual acting abilities.

Jonas Armstrong for James McAvoyJonas Armstrong & James McAvoy

Both: Slightly unshaven, dreamy eyes and a swoon worthy accent.

Irish born Jonas Armstrong was most recently played Robin Hood on the BBC’s recent series. The show is a joyful gem, but I’m not sure Jonas’s true talent has been exposed fully. We got a glimpse of heart in Robin’s playboy rebellious nature, if anything it’s the writing in Robin Hood holding Jonas back.

Scottish born James McAvoy may not be considered A list just yet by official entertainment types, but it feels like he was in every other film in the last year and a half, so for me that’s good enough.

Either way, I’d especially appreciate American casting directors reaching across the pond for either or both actors. And not to play Americans with some faux eastern standard dialect.


2 responses to “Poor Man’s Casting pt 1

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  2. I love Jonas Armstrong because we just so good in robin hood and if we was my boyfriend then I would ask him if I could be in robin hood with him because I just love him so much………

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