Summer TV- kinda like that whole strike thing

So my last post was about My Boys, Psych, and Burn Notice and how I’ll be watching.

Last week, Last Comic Standing premiered. I keep a strict reality show diet of virtually none, but last season on my sister’s push, I saw a few pieces pre finale. I watched the first season and loved it as I am a big fan of stand up comedy. So Last Comic Standing is now on my season pass list. Fortunately this is one reality show where they don’t make you suffer through much of the bad ones. So far.

Sunday June 1, In Plain Sight premieres on USA. I’m recording one or two for a trial basis.
June 12- My Boys, TBS

July 1- Celebrity Family Feud? Really NBC? Oh but how can I resist the Feud? I need to find an ad for this and see if it’s worthy…

July 10- Burn Notice, USA

July 18- Psych, USA

and I don’t watch but in case my buddy asks me again and I can’t remember July 29- Eureka, Sci Fi.

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