Summer Excitement

Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention before, but it seems like we’re getting more summer tv that isn’t competition based. Pretty exciting in my book. So here’s what I’m going to be watching…and by watching I mean, Tivoing.

Psych- Shawn and Gus are San Diego’s finest fake psychic detectives. I avoided this show for a while thinking it was a carbon copy of Monk. I’m not hating, I just feel like if you see three episodes of Monk, you’ve seen them all. But Psych is clever funny with a lot of 80s references, one liners and pineapples.

Burn Notice– An ex-CIA tries to piece together why and how he got fired from his job. After Alias, the ultimate in spy series to me, I kept thinking I’d stop watching Burn Notice. And then I’d watch another one. And another one. Turns out, I do want to know why Michael got burned and what crazy persona he’s going to take on this week.

My Boys– Chicago’s number one tomboy tries to grow up with her circle of guys. This is a no brainer as I’ve said many times- I AM PJ. My Boys producers, if you need material, I am a source. I have to know who got on the plane with PJ. I mean, in my heart I hope for Bobby but after hearing Jeremy Sisto voice Batman in a Justice League movie, I’m crossing a finger or two for him. Thursday, June 12 at 9:30. TBS.

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