NCIS and the Brit

The link from the previous post will lead you to the finale of the Best TV Character of 2008. Sir Guy of Gisborne is wining by a landslide. Shows all you Lost people who refuse to try Battlestar Galactica right.

Anyone else underwhelmed by the NCIS finale? Don’t get me wrong. I love NCIS. and I’m very glad that Tony and Ziva made it out because I was prepared to be very upset if either of them bit the dust. But the cliffhanger isn’t really that suspenseful. It’s about as believable as the year that Gibbs “retired”. Yeah, it’ll last a couple of episodes and it’ll neat to see how they get out of that corner, but all in all, not jaw dropping. Tis okay because Abby with the crying was pretty awesome and I’m always a big fan of the farting hippo.

Movie update: I watched the second Indiana Jones film yesterday in pieces, because as I am woefully behind in cinema, I need to catch up before the new one. I’ve started the 3rd, also for the first view, and mostly, the graphics crack me up. So mostly I’m watching to see if there is a difference between Indy and Han Solo character wise.


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