Final Four!

Sir Guy in the Final Four! I think he may take it all. Even over Michael Scott! Meanwhile, Liz Lemon is barely keeping up with some dude from Lost. C’mon ya’ll. Don’t you want to see Liz in the final? I know I do.

Meanwhile, I bet there are a few people who are wondering who Sir Guy of Gisborne is. He is the Sheriff of Notthingham’s slimy sidekick. But on BBC’s Robin Hood, he is this tormented baddie. He’s hopelessly obsessed with Marian, even though deep down he knows she loves Robin Hood. He wants to marry her to basically wash away all his sins. So he’s one part repentant romantic and one part slimy creep. He’s always dressed in black leather and has a penchant for stabbing people. He is a great character.

But I’m still pulling for Liz Lemon!!!

2 responses to “Final Four!

  1. Some dude from Lost? That’s just Benjamin Linus, the most hated character ever. But yet so intriguing……

  2. hijinks says : I absolutely agree with this !

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