Double Gasp of Monday!

Big Bang, the cat is alive indeed! Now, Big Bang writers, a geekified relationship would be interesting to continue….

How I Met Your Mother, DOUBLE GASP. Curse you Scrubs renewal for stealing what could’ve been a legen-wait for it- dary relationship that will somehow be decimated over the summer for drama and scheduling sake. Ah, Barney loves Robin. So totally predictable. What will be funny is how Barney deals.

One Tree Hill rant. 1) I hate the musical montage. Even more at the beginning. 2) I hate that Jamie was reading off a cue card while trying to sing with Gavin DeGraw. 3) I hate Gavin still feels like he owes these jokers anything. HATE that Lucas is such a woman. He can’t be happy without having the love of his life around him 24/7, oh, and he can’t make up his mind which love that is. And then there’s Dan. Who turned over a leaf and then ate pavement. If I hadn’t already been spoiled it might’ve been shocking. and if I hadn’t already watched Barney get hit by a bus, it would’ve been funny. And can you believe Brooke went all season without any love? That is truly a feat. Bring back that doctor. Finally, Peyton, my dear, eat a sandwich.


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