The Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia

I’m never going to get tired of that SNL rap. I saw the first Narnia film Friday night on DVD. (huzzah to them putting bloopers in the special features. Who doesn’t love bloopers? Especially with kid actors involved.) Then Saturday I saw the new Narnia film.

I’m kinda known for being a hater on most movies. In fact, as the credits rolled, my dear friend beside me said “Oh great, it’s time for the post movie Jo analysis and rant”. My only rant was to ask why the bad guys all sounded and looked like medieval Spaniards and the fact that they had to paint dirt on Prince Caspian’s Irish face to make him look Spanish.

PSA regarding movies. If you have the right to text during a movie, then I have the right to kick your chair. The clicking and the glowing light? Honestly, why did you bother to pay tons of money to see a film and then not watch it. I’m just saying.

All those rants aside, I liked the Narnia film. Very clever, lots of great throw away funny lines. Good CG. It’s all very LOTR jr, minus Frodo mugging for the camera.


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