Sir Guy and Liz

The elite eight vote is up. I’m glad I didn’t miss it because Sir Guy of Gisborne and Liz Lemon are still in the running. I can’t trumpet how much love both 30 Rock and BBC’s Robin Hood. Both shows are on Jo’s DVD picks if you’d like a further explanation why. Good stuff.

NCIS was good? I think I totally dozed. Never been a been Palmer fan. But the whole hypnotist scene was good. Again with the promos, NCIS? And am I the only one pulling for Tony & Ziva to hook up?

Haven’t finished Beauty & the Geek just yet, though I’m sad to see Matt & Leticia go.


One response to “Sir Guy and Liz

  1. Okay, did any one else notice, and find it odd that Ziva removed the wallet from the body BEFORE Ducky got to the crime scene?

    Hasn’t it been established since SEA DOG that no one is to touch the crime scene body before Ducky gets there, under threat of being pushed off of a cliff into the water 60 feet below?

    Palmer hypnosis = shoe fetish + the “unspoken incident at Camp Winnatonka”.

    What brand of shoes did Ziva and Abby wear?

    Are there any “official” Scrabble players out there that know if “QI” is allowed?

    I’m betting it was Ziva who played the word “NINJA”

    Gibbs *knows* hydrofloric acid does not belong at a construction site.

    From Azerbiajan to Zimbawe there are 78 countries that use dark blue passports.

    Gibbs is “working on it” and “will let you know”.

    Also, Gibbs would “hold off on that”.

    It is never a positive when they have Abby in long pants *and* her lab coat the whole episode.

    It matters not if Palmer or Ziva has the gun, Palmer will be the one going down.

    Palmer can’t pronounce it, but he can spell it.

    Ziva knows there are lots of “Ks” and “Cs” and can pronounce it.

    In the end, Palmer did after all followed Gibbs’ orders and stayed in the car.

    Now you’ve got something to write home about.

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