Cinco de Mayo

BSG recap will pop up on GMMR later on. But boo to them for half of the cast not being in the episode.

Meanwhile, who else is excited about Stella being back on HIMYM??

Props of the week:

Dexter, which I stayed up way past my bedtime to finish watching but oooooh what a great finale.

Ugly Betty for a Seacrest Crack

30 Rock for FLOYD, even though he’s now a big fat liar.

Greys for finally bringing the funny back and surprise! making Meredith likable! Is anything possible now?

Negative props:

The completely pointless cameo of the Mythbusters on CSI. They had no relevance at all and their presence was barely acknowledged. Now, granted, the collective acting skills of all five Mythbusters is still less than a One Tree Hill dayplayer, so I understand why they weren’t given speaking lines. I love the Mythbusters, but honestly their scripted recap conversations are painful. But for all we knew, they were just supervising the special effects for George Eads. There was a visual gag in there involving Adam that went wasted. I’m just saying.

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