Pam is blind

I probably shouldn’t pick Thursday nights to spend away from home planning the second Survivor like competition for my friends. But no matter how late I come home, I will watch The Office. What did we learn this week? Pam is so blind, she can’t see how badly she needs to update her frames. Hey, no worries Pam, we’ve all been there. I love how threatened Ryan is by Jim and oh yeah, I think Pam’s reaction to yet another fake out proves she’s game…when the real thing comes along.

And now a My Boys spoiler that I *have* to post, because it furthers my case to be cast as Bobby’s PJ like girlfriend…But I’ll put a jump in case you don’t want to know.

From Ausiello:

Word is My Boys is introducing Bobby’s thirtysomething brother, Jake, this season. He’s described as handsome, well-educated and very wealthy. Look for him to take a fast interest in P.J.

DO you see what I see?! PJ gets with the brother, Bobby reacts by dating a PJ clone, to which everyone but PJ will notice. I even kinda favor Jordana Spiro. Please, My Boys producers…


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